Regular Grease Trap Maintenance is Needed

A grease trap is sometimes referred to as a grease interceptor. It serves as a container that collects various fats, greases, and oils from contaminated water. It’s typically set between the drain lines of the restaurant and the sewer lines and separates the greases from the used water to prevent it from mixing in with the city’s sewer system. Contrary to what some may believe, you can not get rid of grease the same way you get rid of water. Just because it seems to flow seamlessly down the drain doesn’t mean that is the way to dispose of it. This is why it is vital that your business, has an effective grease trap, especially if you use a lot of grease and oil. For all of your grease trap service needs in Fort Worth, TX, call True Plumbing at (817) 542-1980.

Regular Maintenance for Grease Traps
Properly maintaining your grease trap is vital to the overall functionality of your business. Any business that has a kitchen of some sort, should have a properly functioning grease trap, this is including restaurants, schools, hotel, etc. The result of an ill-maintained grease trap is blockages and backups. This could cause foul odors and repair costs that can begin to add up. Not to mention the sizable fines that you would be responsible for if there is too much grease and oil getting dumped into the municipal sewer line.

We recommend scheduling regular maintenance for your grease trap. This allows for the buildup to be easily controlled. There’s no need to put your business at risk. Call us today schedule your appointment today!

Grease Interceptor Authorities
Our experts have considerable experience with various grease traps. Maintenance consists of the removal of collective volumes from the grease trap and discarding it according to the local and federal laws. With adequate maintenance, the amount of grease and oil that is released into the waste system is dramatically reduced. The amount of oil that is generated by the facility itself is what determines how often you should have your grease traps serviced.

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